Bespoke Code

We can build custom modules, resources and functions for either your in-house needs or for your consumer facing product. Make it a pleasure for your own team to automate, and get customers up and running with your product in seconds.

Custom Modules

Custom modules are ideal for building a set of intelligent functionality and automation that glues together the operation of one of more services. They are written in our mcl language.

Custom Resources

Custom resources are helpful when you want to provide an Mgmt API into your product. This can be either a software or hardware product, and can allow it to be more easily used in the Mgmt ecosystem, and augmented by the usefulness of the Mgmt language and engine.

Custom Functions

Custom functions allow you to pull data streams into the Mgmt language. This lets Mgmt integrate all this information and react in real-time to make decisions on your behalf. These functions can pull in logs and events from your software or hardware product.

Please contact us for specifics about building you some custom code!